Blue yellow and red glass bubbler with percolator HD-HCCS

Three Color Glass Bubbler with Percolator

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Introducing the enchanting premium pink/blue glass bubbler—an ideal enhancement to your smoking collection! Wondering why choose a bubbler? Well, it offers the compact size of a pipe coupled with bong-like functionality! It makes an excellent gift for smokers eager to explore novel smoking experiences.

Designed with a carb hole, this bubbler allows for easy hit control. The inclusion of a percolator ensures that each hit is exceptionally filtered and as smooth as butter.

Perfectly sized for both travel and home use, this semi-clear bubbler makes it effortless to gauge when it's time for cleaning. Elevate your smoking sessions with this magical piece that combines style, functionality, and portability.

Additional Information

  • Premium Glass Handmade Bubbler
  • 7 inches
  • Easily fits in your hand
  • Crafted with carb hole and percolator